« Unbelievable, when I saw the card change in my hand » Tom Jones
« Funny and very charming, he is really number one »  Angie Dickinson
« One of the best magician, hope to see you in the States » Lee Majors 
« Stunning close-up magic and a very good singer » Amy Irving

Christian Gambin is one of the best international magician. He created the first magic theater for children in Paris 20 years ago. The audience have enjoyed his shows all around the world but also in London, Scarborough, Blackpool and recently in Liverpool…


1.00 – hour lesson – Perfect for beginner who enjoy to learn easy magic tricks.
1.30 – hour lesson – Also for beginner to learn more trick and get more in depth explanation in detail and learn Ballooning.
2.00 – hour lesson – If you know some magic this is for you, to be sure about technique and presentation.

02. LESSON 2

4 x 1 – hour lessons – For you magic it’s a hobby, you will be able to learn new tricks and coaching on what you learn before.
4 x 2 – hours lessons – For real learn in depth technique, presentation, misdirection, etc…
4.00 – Hours lessons – For stage managing and presentation to do perfect magic like a real magician.


Christian Gambin, 40 years of experiences, has created the first magical theatre in Paris, 25 years ago several times Awards Magic Winner, but also author, composer, singer, actor and theatre director, will explain how to become a magician and create is own magic act . He will explain his own experience and work in cabarets and shows, kids magic and twisting balloons .
For Professional Magicians and Corporate Event.


Unbelievable Magicians in London

If you want to learn magic you are at the right place, The Magic School of London is the first magic school in London, create by Christian Gambin, professional magician since fourty years with a great experience of stage magic and close-up. French Champion of Magic and World  Magic Price winner, he is on of the best magicians actualy and also a singer, an actor and a stage manager. So in with the Magic school of london you will find how to learn the secrets of magic.

The best teachers and professional magicians, will helps you to find the good way to do correctly the thing. You will learn magic with cards, coins, balls, silks, ropes and many others… We will teach you the technique by also the presentation and the psychologie of each trick to become a good magician. With our experience it will be easy for you to understand the magic and you will put a magic touch in your life. You can take one lesson with our magician, and then change magician if you want, because all the magician are a speciality. you can also take a pack of four lessons and win money on the price. you can also have a master class with Christian Gambin to understood how to present the magic, because magic is made with your head the fingers are anly accessories. You wil also learn with him Christian Gambin the technique of how to make simple balloon for the kids, because they enjoy ballons form like a dog , a cat, a sword, a hat, a flower,etc… he can also teach you how to make your act to be a real magician or how to work  on close-up show. So welcome to the Magic School of London and enjoy magic.